Year Of The Pig Do's and Don'ts According To Your Zodiac Sign - Dropee

Year Of The Pig Do's and Don'ts According To Your Zodiac Sign - Dropee


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Chinese New Year is all about celebrating the beginning of a new year according to the lunar calendar. With a 12-year cycle, each year in the lunar calendar represents a different zodiac animal and for 2019, it happened to be the “Year of The Pig”.In Chinese astrology, the zodiac sign may influence the outcome of your year in terms of various aspects including health, wealth, career, relationship, etc. This leads to the common practice of getting your fortune read whenever it is the new year in order to know how to plan out your course of action. Therefore, let’s discover how your 2019 will unfold by finding out the 12 zodiac signs’ do’s and don’ts for the Year of The Pig. 

1. Rat

At a glance - A smooth sailing year ahead. Good things coming your way from all directions.  Health Do plan for a regular exercise regime and stick to it to enjoy a good health. This year you will also gain more positive energies and will sleep better. Wealth Don’t invest into anything based on what you knew from rumours or speculations. It is also advised for you to avoid what might be a bad romance that may cost you money. Additionally, try to avoid from having confrontation with your family on issues revolving money. Career To put simply, this is the year for you to reap what you sow. Enjoy the fruits of your past efforts! It is a year of stability, therefore, it is sensible to maintain your routine at work. Don’t rush to step out of your comfort zone or taking on new challenges as they might not work according to as expected. RelationshipDo go out and meet new faces. This year will be the year where you will be turning a few heads to your direction with not much effort. Although, be careful to filter out the good and the bad ones. 

2. Ox

At a glance - The year that marks the end of struggles and things finally looking up. Health You might face some minor health issues such as headaches and backaches. Hence, make sure you get enough sleep and try to get up and stretch from time to time to avoid prolonged sitting. Do follow a simple diet and be more active outdoor for a healthier body and mind. If you are mentally stressed, take a breather by going on a trip and don’t fall into a downward spiral. WealthYour career will become steadier and wealth will also grow, especially if you are engaged in out-of-town endeavors. If you are involved in the retail industry, you can kick start this by signing up your business with Dropee and you will be able to expand your business coverage to a larger customer base inclusive of out-of-towners.CareerYear of the Pig is the year for a smooth sailing career. Take lead in demonstrating your talents and leadership. Besides, don’t forget to grab every opportunity coming your way such as possibilities of promotions and raises. RelationshipThis year will be uneventful in your romantic life if you are single. It is better for you to focus on other aspects of your life like your career. Let’s say you already have a companion, try to spark life into your relationship to keep it from turning dull. 

3. Tiger

At a glance - A challenging road ahead with equal alternating ups and downs. HealthYou might feel drained and tired at times so don’t forget to bring your medication along. Try to take on supplements religiously as well as to recharge yourself. To save you the trouble, you can straight away purchase related supplements and health products by clicking below,If you experience feeling any discomforts, seek professional help immediately. Try to find a healthy outsource to channel your stress as well. Wealth Imagine carrying a bucket of water filled to the brim. The water represents your fortune in which if you are careful you can have it all but if you are not, then you might trip and lose everything. Therefore, keep your wealth secured and out of sight and reach of thieves. However, you do have a silver lining in the form of an unexpected fortune along the way. CareerYou are the busy bee for this year. Considering if you don’t, things will take a downward turn. Be careful of betrayal, don’t trust easily and watch out for your back. RelationshipDo put more effort into your relationship because if done right, you will get a good outcome. Try to surprise your loved ones by getting them sweet treats like chocolates by purchasing directly below,If you are dating, you have a chance to end up in marriage. On the other hand, if you are already married, try not to mix work and personal life to avoid any discords. 

4. Rabbit

At a glance - Happiness can be found in all aspects of life HealthYour health would be influenced greatly by the changing weather. Don’t stay too long in an air-conditioned room or space especially when it is hot outside or you will fall sick easily.Wealth Not much change in terms of wealth for you in the Year of The Pig. Be conservative with your financial investment as a surprise fortune is not for you this time around. Also, don’t invest blindly to avoid major loses. CareerA bright future ahead of you career-wise, good news for those who have been trying to advance in your career. Do pay close attention to conversations from people around you who were born in the years of the pig or the goat as they may hide important messages. Relationship Surprises will fill your love life where many will approach you if you are single. For those with partners, keep your communication channels open with each other. 

5. Dragon

At a glance - Good things will come by spring. Health Don’t let your emotion gets the best of you. Literally, it will affect your health. Do not dwell over negative emotions such as anger, frustration, guilt, fear, etc., for too long or you will become susceptible to diseases.WealthYour ability to rope in the bucks will grow tremendously. Do trust your instinct in smelling opportunity from information. Additionally, you will also gain monetarily from having a large circle of acquaintances. CareerCareer-wise, it is all about one step at a time with you. Do focus on building up your capabilities to stay competitive. One way to overcome stress from the competition is to treat the colleagues around you well. They may well be your career boosters by lending their hands in time of needs. Why not start by treating them with pantry supplies of snacks and drinks? You can get them below with just one click. Relationship Simply put, not your best year for love. Going to blind dates with the intention to marry will lead you to come across a few troublesome dates. Avoid seeing dates with zodiac signs of the dog or the ox. 

6. Snake

At a glance - Tough year for a lone wolf. Health You will need a lot of optimism and self-confidence. Therefore, do pay more attention to your health as you will be prone to aches and pains especially for your joints i.e. the knees. On top of that, do consider getting yourself covered by insurance if you are going for trips. WealthFluctuating wealth is in for you this year so do be careful with your spending. You may incur unexpected spending such as taking people out to eat and getting wedding gifts for friends. Do be cautious when investing as well to avoid loss. CareerAlthough your overall fortune might not be impressive, your career is apparently your best bet. Your capabilities will be greatly recognized at work but you have to learn to work with others. Try to curb your temper and adapt to the situation.RelationshipHaving tons of friends from the opposite sex will lead to nothing if none of them is your cup of tea. Try to meet new people instead and put in more effort. For those with partners, try to find middle grounds whenever you have conflicting opinions. 

7. Horse

At a glance - A year of labour and hard work. HealthDon’t let a busy life gets in the way of your health. If you do, you will get some serious dark circles and problems with your endocrine system along with other minor conditions. Try to get enough sleep and rest. WealthOverall financial life will be good for you. You will enjoy a stable pay, bonuses and even reaping returns from investments in stocks and foreign currencies. Although, don’t make any risky investments as it may not favor well. CareerWork-wise, do hold steady to your current job despite having the opportunities to switch jobs. Never take a new job solely for a higher pay alone. Don’t slack off as it will only lead to errors and hinder your promotion.RelationshipThe keyword for your relationship in the Year of The Pig is tolerance. This is especially if you are married. You will not be able to give your family your full attention due to work and this will lead to a period of relationship fatigue. One advice, do persevere. For singles, your pursuit will be a struggle despite your strong desire to seek love. 

8. Goat

At a glance - A favourable year full of good thingsHealthYour social life will be on a roll so you will tend to drink more and eat more. Do watch out for your health by consuming moderately to avoid issues related to your liver, gallbladder, spleen, and stomach. At the same time, do cut down on hot, spicy and greasy food too. Drink more plain water. You can purchase drinking water for less below.WealthThe year of the pig is a year of great wealth. Lady luck will be on your side as you will have a higher chance of gaining unexpected returns. Do expect more pleasant surprises along the way as well. CareerDo guard and maintain what you have achieved in your career as this would be best for you. It is not the time for you to aim for breaking it big. Instead, seek for a partner who was born in the year of the rabbit to double up your luck. RelationshipYour romantic life is what you need to focus on for the year. Love is all around you. For singles, you will meet the one and for couples, this would be the year to tie the knot. For married couples, this is a suitable year to welcome a new life into your home. 

9. Monkey

At a glance - Double the work for only half the reward. HealthThis is the best facet of your fortune for the year. Expect good health throughout but don’t make this as an excuse to manage your health less. Do eat regular meals and keep a good balance between work and leisure. WealthYour wealth will stay as it is with not many surprises. Do lower your material desires for you to have a content year. The key is to exercise circumspection and patience. Hold steady and wait for your future opportunity instead.CareerYour career is apparently not all rainbows and butterflies. You are prone to make wrong judgments when interfered by others and ending up getting the blame for it. Don’t attract attention and work quietly so as to remain unharmed by your own actions. RelationshipUnfortunately, romance will appear once in a blue moon. Don’t only date so that you have someone to fall back on because eventually, you will come out empty handed. 

10. Rooster

At a glance - A full-on leisure year. HealthThe health department is looking great for you. Your previously weak immune will get a sudden boost and old illnesses are bound to get better. Do spend some time in nature to gain more positive energies. WealthThe Year of The Pig literally spells fortune for you. Regular income earners may expect raise and bonuses. Previous investments in stocks and mutual funds will yield good returns. You may even receive side job offers that pay well and will open up a new source of income for you. CareerYou are too laid back and comfortable with your job. Be more aggressive in pursuing career advancement. However, do beware not to go beyond by being forceful or creating unnecessary attention. RelationshipTake your time when you already met a person that you really like, don't rush into it. Start off by being friends and time will teach you to learn to appreciate their good qualities. 

11. Dog

At a glance - The year of leaving all the setbacks behind. HealthNo major changes in terms of your health in the Year of The Pig, but do pay attention to both your family and your own health. Don’t take any diseases lightly even for something minor like flu, do try to improve your immune system by eating right and exercising daily. WealthNot your strongest suit as you are more talk than action. To earn greater fortune you need to walk the talk. Your fortune is directly proportional to the amount of effort you put in.CareerThe door of opportunities opens wide for you. You will have a good chance of getting a promotion or a raise with hard work. Take up the challenge and you will find new opportunities presenting themselves. RelationshipPeople around you will introduce you to new friends but if your goal is only to find companionship instead of investing in a relationship, then high chances are that it won’t work out. In fact, your special someone might be closer than you think. Try to watch out for that person who cares for you tenderly among your good friends.  

12. Pig

At a glance - Patience is a virtue. HealthDo pay great attention to your health as even minor illness deserves to be treated attentively. Once you experience any symptoms, quickly head to the nearest clinic or hospital as it may turn into a bigger problem if left untreated. Do cut back on eating out and control your food intake to avoid gastritis and other diseases. WealthAgainst all odds, you will find your wealth increasing somehow. Do interact with more people as you will be able to spot opportunities through conversing. As long as you are on an active pursuit for advancement, the reward will naturally fall in place. CareerYou need to give your career your all. No time to stay put or your competition will get ahead of you. At the same time, you need to learn to grow through hardships and remain optimistic, as you will encounter many obstacles at work. RelationshipRomance will hardly come your way this year. But do not be in despair as being single for a little while longer would always be better than ending up with the wrong person if you rush into things. 

End Note

At the end of the day, predictions are supposed to only give you guides and directions. In reality, it is always up to you to make the best out of any situations. With that said, we at Dropee wish you a joyful and prosperous Chinese New Year ahead! Check out our official page below to start buying in bulk at wholesale prices today! Like what you read? Check out Dropee’s blog for more informative articles on topics covering from business, wholesale, retail and more. The original article on Chinese zodiac predictions for 2019 was first published on msn lifestyle.*   

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