True Story: How Business Owners Grow Their Businesses Using Dropee

Who are we?

Dropee is a B2B Wholesale Marketplace that enables businesses to buy and sell with one another in a faster and more efficient way, giving business owners the opportunity to grow their businesses. Dropee currently specialises in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and retail space.

Still sceptical? Well, don’t simply take our words for it. Let’s look at what these wonderful people have to say about Dropee.  


Dropee is convenient

“We have been dealing with lesser suppliers now because of Dropee…” – Pn. Badariah, Store & Procurement Manager at Pusrawi Health Pro Shoppe KLIA Division

Pusrawi Health Pro Shoppe has been using Dropee to stock up our store supplies bi-weekly on average for over a year now, and the experience was always pleasing. Not only that it is simple and convenient, Dropee’s customer support is extremely patient and helpful whenever we needed clarification or updates on our orders. We have been dealing with lesser suppliers now because of Dropee and we don’t see any reasons why businesses out there shouldn’t try this platform out!


We have competitive pricing

“… Dropee has very reasonable product prices.” – Jen Ly, Founder at

I love how Dropee has very reasonable product prices. They have products that you can’t get from local supermarkets, and some that are cheaper than retail prices. I have purchased a few times from Dropee and although delivery took about 3 days to arrive, it is still an acceptable time period. However, my most recent purchase was a very pleasant experience where my order took only a day to arrive!


We ensure the best customer experience

“… Dropee’s representative assured me that they will do whatever it takes to get me the products in time for my event.” – Johnson Wong, Event Management Company’s Account Executive

I got a little bit worried when I found out that the main supplier of this product ran out of stock nationwide & that there may be a delay in receiving the items in time for my event. But Dropee’s representative assured me that they will do whatever it takes to get me the products in time for my event, and I decided to trust them.

Sure enough, they got the products & delivered it to me with no extra charges, which I thought was a great service.


Try Dropee Today And Let Us Impress You

Dropee online marketplace bridges the connection between suppliers and retailers, which include SME business owners all over Malaysia with our easy-to-use and cutting edge features such as;

Be our next happy customer by signing up at today and let’s share a wonderful journey together.


For supplier:

  • Automated documentation
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Delivery option
  • Attractive digital marketing package
  • Secure and safe transactions




For retailer:

  • Convenient search for easy price comparison – transparency
  • Digitized documentation
  • Centralized account management dashboard
  • Competitive wholesale pricing
  • Easy step-by-step process to purchase
  • Worry-free product sourcing



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