What Is SaaS and How Can It Help Your Business?

What Is SaaS and How Can It Help Your Business?


What is SaaS?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the new way of distributing and selling software. It is based on the cloud, so there is no need for any physical distribution of the software.

In the past, you needed to download the software on your computer, either downloading the file or inserting a physical disc. But now, there is no longer the need to do so and you do not even need to download anything.

In SaaS model, the software runs on a remotely located server (later on, we will describe the pros and risks of such solution). This means that all you need to do to access the software is to use your web browser.


Why Is SaaS Becoming So Popular?

So after all, why is SaaS becoming so popular? There are a few main reasons why SaaS applications have become so popular;

  • they’re easily accessible, you can immediately use them on any web browser

  • they’re likely cheaper as their pricing depends on the number of users, monthly subscription, etc.

  • you can easily select the one that best fits your needs, researching online by yourself or alternatively through recommendations and referrals.

  • you can easily connect the SaaS applications that you use so that the information they collect is synced (e.g. if you use the project management application, you would want the same project to appear in your time tracking app as well)

  • usually, you can test them before you start paying for them (free trial period)

In the past, you had a limited number of choice in terms of software support selections. There were only a few spots available and even after you purchased them, it took time and effort to implement them within your organization.

9 Major Advantages of SaaS

Business models are significantly evolving alongside technology. Therefore, when it comes to making the right tech choice for your business, you have to consider the long-term effects.

Cloud computing and SaaS have come a long way in a short time. Increased awareness and uptake has accelerated the growth of SaaS products,

Eventually, it has led to the rise of SaaS Integration Platforms (SIPs) such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Essentially, SaaS and its variations are on the rise due to these appealing advantages which are;

  1. You can access your software/data anywhere as long as you have the internet access. You can also access across various devices - using a computer or a smartphone.

  2. You don’t get just the tool, but the care support, and implementation as well. It means you are not left with a book-sized technical manual but with a well organized and question-based help site and email/chat support.

  3. Very high quality and engaging customer support to give you the greatest experience and business value.

  4. As the market for SaaS applications is very competitive (a lot of capital is invested in these companies), the quality of the software is often very high.

  5. No long-term contract with the software provider. You simply pay for a monthly or annual subscription, so if you want to resign from using the software, you can do it whenever you want.

  6. You can compare a variety of competing apps to precisely fit your needs.

  7. SaaS applications are usually available both on mobile and desktop.

  8. Different applications can easily be connected with each other, creating one smooth integrated environment to manage your company.

  9. Quick implementation time. No installation needed as everything runs in the cloud.


Dropee: Merging SaaS with B2B eCommerce

Dropee’s cloud approach can help companies, especially for manufacturers, suppliers, or brand owners with multiple branches and huge clients database to develop end-to-end integrated solutions.

Hence, allowing them to concentrate on other business functions that they do best - sales, marketing, expansion, etc., leaving a wide range of hardware and software IT issues to service providers instead.

With Malaysian companies adopting various "SaaS" services now along with the growing interest for eCommerce, long-term relationships with service providers will grow – which in turn will lead to innovation as customers' growing needs are understood and provided for.

Dropee aims to provide a high-performance tech solution that will help with a wide range of business functions such as analysing large volumes of customer data and monitoring application logs.

SaaS may one day be able to help address critical challenges for businesses such as predicting which customers will bring profits or which cross-selling practices work best for your business.

With the need for high-volume data, software performance, and daily backup update, it’s easy to see why so many businesses are choosing to outsource to cloud-based providers.

If your business is considering a move to a SaaS platform, find out what Dropee has to offer for businesses of all sizes.

If you need to know more about Dropee and SaaS application. Please click HERE and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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