Top 5 Snacks to Have While Playing Board Games


You are a proud owner of a board games shop. You have a regular flow of customers coming in everyday, eagerly waiting to play some games with their friends in your shop. One of your regular customer drops by at your counter and asks you if there's any new snacks for them to feast on. What do you do?You can try coming up with a list of new snacks you can source OR you can continue reading this blog post as we show you the TOP FIVE snacks that you can serve to your customers!  

M&M Milk Chocolate 40g

Dropee Snacks M&M Milk Chocolate 40g Made with real milk chocolate covered in a crunchy candy shell, this much-loved candy will definitely be one of the top snacks that your customers will be looking forward to! M&M'S Chocolate Candies also are fun to share with friends and family members,. Stock up on this to bring some smiles to your customer's faces!


M&M's Crispy Chocolate Candies 34g Dropee Snacks M&M's Crispy Chocolate Candies 34g

With it's mouth-watering crispy chocolate, you can ensure that sourcing this for your business will definitely have your customers flocking to your shops in no time! With it's multi-colored candies, it will also be a snack that can be enjoyed by anyone, young and old!


Kit Kat Chunky 38g Share Bag

Dropee Snacks Kit Kat Chunky 38g Share BagWhat snacks arsenal would be complete without the KitKat Chunky? A little larger than it's famous counterpart, it is still a KitKat product that is still in demand. Come and source them at Dropee and add a little CRUNCH when your customers visit you!


Kit Kat Bites Green Tea 30g

Dropee Snacks Kit Kat Bites Green Tea 30g

Another favorite for fans of KitKat, the KitKat Bites Greeen Tea still remains as a KitKat product that is still in demand, even after the KitKat green tea craze! Why not source this for your customers? Not only is it an in-demand flavor, it is also lightweight, making it easier for them to snack while playing!


Wise Cottage Fries Thai Chili 65g

Dropee Snacks Wise Cottage Fries Thai Chili 65g

With all of our chocolaty products above, we've also included some cottage fries here as well! Now what is a board game session without some cottage fries? It'll be a boring one for sure! With the Wise Cottage Fries Thai Chili, your customers will be scrambling to get them for those intense and spicy moments!


We've just shown you the TOP FIVE SNACKS  that you can stock up at affordable prices from Dropee. You decide the next step.

 If online sourcing is still new to you, let us show you the benefits of sourcing your products online!Tell us in the COMMENTS what snacks you'd normally have while playing board games!