Top 5 B2B Marketplaces That Can Help You Grow Your Business

Top 5 B2B Marketplaces That Can Help You Grow Your Business


For the longest time, people always encounter the abbreviation “B2B”. According to Business News Daily, B2B refers to as "Business to Business" and it signifies a company that solely focuses on selling products and services to other businesses rather than consumers. In the past years, B2B has become a widely known and famous trend. Specifically for business owners, suppliers and distributors, this can be a very powerful opportunity to leverage at. That is why a fully functional eCommerce website is truly non-negotiable when it comes to making sure that a business is ahead of the game in terms of positioning its product in the market. At the same time, making sure it gets the exposure and enterprise solution it deserves.We have listed down 5 notable brands that are currently at the peak of the game in creating a wide range of fascinating and highly competitive business and enterprise solutions.

5 Notable Brands of B2B Marketplace

Top 5 B2B MarketplacesFrom their progressive eCommerce solutions to B2B eCommerce and tech, these brands are currently offering unbeatable services and have already established their names in the industry and are still continuing to grow as the years to come (in no particular order, here goes).

1. Amazon

Amazon is considered as the largest B2B eCommerce platform that is currently available in 14 countries including Brazil, Canada, France, United States, Italy, India, and Mexico. This company has become a leading entity in eCommerce that offers innovative solutions to businesses.

2. Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group has been present in the market since 1999. Owned by Chinese entrepreneurs, Alibaba has become one of the leading marketplaces worldwide.  The company offers a strong strategic foundation and caters to businesses with cutting edge solutions. They are also known for their unique customer support and has been known in the industry as facilitators for wholesalers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even small to big retailers. Alibaba has managed to do cross-border trade making its IPO value rose up to $140B and $15B respectively.

3. is considered as the fastest growing company for B2B wholesale marketplace. The company offers a user-friendly site for users to navigate. They are also offering easy product browsing. Personalization and customization of products are also being offered with competitive pricing that are both beneficial to the platform and business owners. As of now, the company is operating in 18 regions including UAE, United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, Turkey, Belgium, Poland and many more. This company has created a reputation worldwide as a platform of opportunity for businesses to grow and expand their businesses and brings reliable customers together.

4. eBay Business Supply

Next is eBay with its business-to-business (B2B) arm branded as eBay Business Supply. Positioning itself as a one-stop shopping solution for business needs, eBay's B2B marketplace focuses on market segments where you can shop according to industries such as automotive, technology, construction, healthcare, facilities management, manufacturing, office supply, restaurant, and retail. A rebrand of its previous business and industrial categories, eBay Business Supply is the product of a partnership with SAP Ariba in 2014. New B2B features were added to provide better e-procurement solution such as sales offerings that would add more value for corporate procurement organizations.eBay Business Supply similarly to its main brand, eBay, is available and operating in 24 countries including Belgium, Italy, United States, Austria, Canada and many more. It has an active site and downloadable mobile app that caters to all its customers’ needs. This feature is also a big plus for business owners.

5. Dropee

Last but not the least is Dropee, a one-stop business to business (B2B) wholesale marketplace with the aim of connecting retailers to wholesalers, manufacturers, and principals in a secure, easy, and efficient way. Through Dropee, retailers are able to have immediate access to thousands of wholesale products - all fulfilled by suppliers that our team has personally vetted and verified. Currently, considered one of the Best website to buy wholesale items in Malaysia.Dropee specialises in the Food & Beverage, FMCG and Retail market segments. Our B2B Wholesale Marketplace makes it easier for big and small businesses to manage their procurement and supply chain ecosystem.Offerings include:

  • Automated ordering placements to reduce stocking issues;
  • Digitalised documentation, such as auto-generated purchase documents and cloud storage accessibility, which reduces human error and eliminates inefficiencies;
  • Tools to easily compare suppliers, prices, and products all on a single platform, simplifying the decision-making process through greater transparency;
  • Purchase and product tracking across the supply chain in real time;
  • Supplier controls for business customer visibility of product ranges, prices, and promotions based on location;
  • Information and bulletin system that allows suppliers and customers to disseminate and receive the latest information on suppliers, products and promotion announcements on a centralized dashboard.


In conclusion, B2B marketplaces offer vast opportunities for business growth. In the modern global market now, every business deserves any success it can get and B2B marketplace is a huge platform to make this a reality.Are you looking for a marketplace to grow your business and reach millions. Sell now at Dropee!What help does your business need? Simply click here and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss how we can help. Alternatively, visit our website to learn more about our services!

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