Top 10 Facts About Kit Kats

Top 10 Facts About Kit Kats


People have been enjoying Kit Kats for over 75 years, and in that time a whole lot of chocolaty crunchy related stuff has happened. Here are 10 interesting tidbits about the classic candy bar! 

Kit Kat Fact #1

  • They changed their name right around World War II, before that, they were called Round Tree’s chocolate crisp, a nod to the company that made them. The origin of Kit Kats is unclear but it’s believed that the famous 1920s club of the same name served as at least a little influence.

The Original Kit Kat 

Kit Kat Fact #2

  • Kit Kat Pizzas were real. Thanks to a 2014 Nestle Japan creation, Japanese restaurant offered a limited dessert pie top with mango slices and sections of the candy bar, they sold for around 15 dollars.

Kit Kat Pizza 

Kit Kat Fact #3

  • There have been around 120 different flavors, not all available in US, but most of them were or can be found in Japan. The range of offerings is quite expansive with a large variety of both sweet and savory options. Highlights include purple sweet potato, edamame soybean, pear and blueberry cheesecake.

Kit Kats and the flavors 

Kit Kat Fact #4

  • Some are specially made to be baked. When put into a toaster oven for a couple of minutes they emerge as crispy biscuit like treats complete with a caramel sugar crust.

Let's Bake Kit Kats! 

Kit Kat Fact #5

  • The store that sells the most bars is in Dubai. It a duty free shops at the airport and they go through about a ton of chocolate covered wafer every day.

Kit Kat Store at Dubai 

Kit Kat Fact #6

  • A Kit Kat went to space, it was send there attached to a weather balloon and soared to about 22 miles above ground. The treat was intended as a show of support for Felix Baumgartner whom was at the time preparing to make his record-breaking skydiving from the atmospheres edge.

Kit Kat at Space 

Kit Kat Fact #7

  • It was named Times most influential candy bar of all time. The honor was bestowed upon it in 2014 and largely because it was the first to gain popularity on a global scale that it was marketed as a treat to be shared was also deemed important.

Kit Kat Fact #8

  • The wrapper color was once blue. During in just following World War 2, some of the ingredients was rationed, and so the Kit Kat recipe had to be temporarily changed. Blue wrappers signified that it was covered in plain instead of the usual milk chocolate.

Kit Kat during World War II 

Kit Kat Fact #9

  • In 2013, Google chose to name the new version of its operating system after Kit Kat, as it was their staff’s favorite treat.


Kit Kat Fact #10

  • People around the globe eat a lot of Kit Kats. According to Nestle, the company that now makes them, over seventeen and a half billion of the individual fingers are produced every year. In the UK alone, over 550 are consumed every second.

Let us know what’s your favorite thing about Kit Kats in the comments below?

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