The 5 Secrets To A Successful Catering Business


Catering is undeniably one of the most important aspects of any events, special functions, ceremonies or gatherings. Literally, the choice of catering can either make or break your event. Yes, it is that important! No doubt then, we keep hearing that catering has a high probability to be a successful business venture over and over again. In order to become a good caterer, it requires more than just the ability to cook and serve. Meaning that, just assuming the role of a chef is not enough. You have to be an event manager, event planner, clientele liaison, and head waiter, all simultaneously. Catering requires a combination of training, hard work, and attentively honed skill sets. Not as easy as it may seem, we are revealing the 5 secrets to help you be on your way to become the top caterer in town! 

1. Nothing Screams Good Catering Better Than Good Food

Good food brings home the bacon. It is that simple, really! The bottom line of any food and beverages business lies in the food itself. Essentially, by taking into account factors such as food quality, taste, amount and proper preparation, clients can tell the level of professionalism a caterer possessed. Just you cooking at your own home, it is best to cater with the same passion and love. Trust us, it will translate into the taste your food. At the same time, be daring enough to explore with new menus to offer more variety to your client and not focusing only on your specialties all the time. That’s not all, do not forget to pay attention to the visual presentation of your dishes as well. After all, in a fast moving social media world we are in now, food that are photographed appetizingly could attract more potential clients. 

2. Ensure Your Food Safety, Cleanliness and Hygiene

Do not take lightly the matter of following food safety and regulations in your catering business operation because the last thing you would want to hear are complains about spoiled food or even worst, food poisoning related cases. Always be aware of and comply to the latest food safety regulations issued by governing bodies and in which for this case, you can refer to the Majlis Keselamatan Makanan Dan Pemakanan Kebangsaan (MKMPK) under the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Ensure the environment of where you cook, handle and prepare the food is sanitary. Besides that, make sure that any personnel attending to the whole process including the chef, the waiters, the dishwasher and etc. maintain good hygiene throughout. Additionally, always make it a point to source your raw materials fresh and to not cut cost by buying near expiration products. Get supplies that are of quality which may not even be costly if you know where to find them such as from Dropee. 

3. Develop Excellent Leadership and Management Skills

A good leader should have all the right traits in order to head a catering team. Just like how Rome is not built in a day, you too can sharpen your leadership with the right attitude and effort. This includes ability to manage, organize, anticipate issues and problems, and to adapt to ad-hoc situations. Good management makes a good leader. After all, a caterer has to manage not only the team but also has to ensure that everything is following to schedules, do table settings, serve clients, and to replenish the dishes when they are finished.  Financial planning is also another crucial part in the catering business. As a managing caterer, you need to work the sheets and distribute your finance accordingly throughout the year. Considering that catering business fluctuates easily depending on the peak season or slowdowns. 

4. Practice Exceptional Customer Service

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Caterers will work closely with the clients in order to design the menu and continuous communication is expected. Be respectful, courteous, tactful but reasonable when dealing with your clients. Good communication skill therefore, is a must. Ability to negotiate and to persuade are also important in order for the client to trust the menu suggested would best suit the event for instance.Another golden secret to ensure a satisfied client is to pay attention to details. Basically, it’s the little things that matter. This applies heavily on aspects such as the table setting, decor and food presentation. It is a plus point then if you are an expert in culinary art because this is your chance to impress. Additionally, an exceptional customer service will eventually become a good recommendation. Until this day, word-of-mouth or referral remains as one of the most effective marketing strategy out there. 

5. Go Beyond with Marketing and Networking

Connection can bring business. Never undermine the power of connection and networking even in the catering world. Serving good food alone is not enough to get your business noticed, people need to know you. Therefore, good network is a great option to market your business without needing to worry on the investment capital. Get to know the event planners, venue organizers, florists, wedding coordinators and other personnel as such when you liaise with them for any event. Build good relationship and if possible, create collaboration opportunities as they are of values in your line of business. On top of that, utilize social media to grow your brand and enhance market exposure other than the offline marketing option. You may even develop package promos and promote them on these platforms. Of course, the conventional advertising strategy by distributing flyers at your client's event still remains relevant despite the advent of online marketing, so do not stop and do both. A multi-pronged approach is best to double up your business potential.   

Be The Best Caterer in Town Today!

So no time to waste, go and start following these catering business insights and tips today! In a competitive catering business market, dare to be different from the rest and earn the lead. Want more interesting read? Check out for more!