Red Bull - History of a global triumph


Red Bull is one of the few global beverage brands that was able to carve out its own niche against global Titans such as Coca-Cola® or Pepsi®. It is also a Bestseller in our online sourcing platform Dropee. You can bulk purchase it here.

The ingredients of Red Bull

Red Bull Gold ThailandThis Energy Drink, consists mainly of water, sugar, caffeine and taurine and added vitamins. Red Bull is based on the energy drink Krating Daeng (ะทิง แดง แดง, "red Gaur"), which is mainly used in Thailand. According to the manufacturer, the beverage should have an invigorating effect. In addition, performance-enhancing properties should result from the composition of its ingredients. The caffeine content of a can (250 ml) corresponds with 80 milligrams to about one cup of filter coffee. Moreover, a can of Red Bull corresponds to a small mocha with lots of sugar.

Japanese and Thailand Roots

The idea for taurine-containing drinks came from Japan. After the Second World War, Japanese pilots took those drinks to increase performance. The founder of the Red Bull GmbH, Dietrich Mateschitz, later exported the idea to Europe. On a visit to Thailand in 1982, he noted that a drink called Krating Daeng helped him overcome the influence of jet lag.  Furthermore, he took over the name, the marketing concept and the basic formula, adapted it to the western taste and went to the Austrian market in 1987. At the end of the 1980s, the energy drink was successful in the alternative youth and club scene (techno, mountain biking, snowboarding).

Red Bull as a Mental Booster

According to studies, Red Bull (like other energy drinks) increases the current mental performance, which should show a faster response time, for example in decision-making tasks, better concentration and an improvement in memory performance during memory tasks. The high-performance effects are mainly explained by the caffeine effect, but possibly also with the special combination of the ingredients.The effect of caffeine is undisputed, the EFSA checked several assumptions on the subject of caffeine. Here are the four distinct effects:

  • Increased physical performance during exercises with high intensity but short duration
  • Increase of athletic performance
  • Increased endurance
  • Reduction of self-esteem exhaustion

A study carried out by the University of Utrecht has found that taking Red Bull is conducive to driving ahead of long drives. Reduced fatigue and higher driving performance after consumption may occur.Red bull is available on our online wholesale platform at Dropee. We sell at highly competitive wholesale prices. In addition, you can also find other beverage products or confectionary on our site.