Looking For Premium Tea, Coffee and Bottled Water Supplier?


We would like to announce that we have a new supplier on board offering premium tea, coffee and bottled water brands. And here's a little something about them.Incorporated in 1999, AsiaEuro Group owns and manages a broad range of businesses involving premium bottled water, coffee roasting, and fine dining restaurants, just to name a few. Their businesses spread across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, with its corporate headquarters located in Kuala Lumpur.Besides that, the company also owns a coffee roasting and education centre, Cantonese fine dining restaurant and an 18-room all-suite guesthouse equipped with butler service.Below are some of the products they carry: 

1. San Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages


2. Caffe Vergnano Range of Coffee Products

3. Acqua Panna Still Natural Mineral Water

4. San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

That's not all! If you are a restaurateur, cafe owner, bar owner or someone operating in the food and beverages industry, you can find more products for your business at AsiaEuro's store by clicking here