How Can Dropee Help You To Supply Your Products Better?

How Can Dropee Help You To Supply Your Products Better?

What is Dropee?

Dropee is a one-stop B2B e-Procurement Platform and Enterprise Solution for all types of businesses. Our B2B e-Procurement Platform allows businesses to get connected in order to buy and sell in bulk, and the Enterprise Solution allows businesses to streamline their operational processes to work more efficiently and effectively. Dropee currently specializes in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail space.We believe that the supply chain in Malaysia lacks connectivity between suppliers and SME business owners, hence we saw the opportunity to bridge both parties by creating an online platform for businesses to source and deal with one another in a faster, more effective and efficient way. 


We aim to simplify communication channels between businesses and streamline operational processes, so that businesses can do more with less resources. Essentially, Dropee empowers businesses to grow by creating a better B2B sourcing experience and ecosystem. 

Why Use Dropee?

Difficulties in managing manual paperwork, providing timely delivery, time consuming stock take, and not knowing retailer’s inventory level are some of the most common challenges faced by suppliers out there. Aiming to provide you with the best solution, Dropee is a web-based platform where suppliers could manage business performance better by offering a variety of useful features that will help to eliminate and reduce the above mentioned challenges. On top of that, Dropee allows you to acquire new customers as well. How so?Among all registered buyers on Dropee, 55% are retailers, 10% are restaurants and cafes, 5% are in the health and wellness industry, and 30% are other miscellaneous customers such as hotels, caterers, co-working spaces, etc. Therefore, suppliers will have the opportunity to build new business relationships. 

How Is Dropee Going to Help Suppliers Like You?

Below are some of Dropee’s features that can help you to supply in a more transparent, convenient and digitized manner. 

1. Automated Documentation

Manual recording and issuance of paperwork such as invoice, receipt, and purchase order are getting a new face-lift with the help of technology. By becoming Dropee’s supplier, the conventional method of processing documentation is made easy with the help of our automated feature. So, how does it work? After a customer has placed an order and made payment, the system will automatically deliver your purchase order to you via email, you will also receive a customer’s copy of invoice and receipt. Then, supplier simply need to process the order and have it delivered depending on the delivery method selected by the customer i.e self-pickup, supplier delivery, or through third party logistic partner (3PL) arranged by Dropee.Dropee aims to make documentation a less taxing process and the ability to automate this process allows a multitude of benefits for suppliers. To start off, it will increase efficiency, reduce human error, save time, create better organization, and eventually ease the overall management. 

Comprehensive Dashboard

 Every suppliers signing up with Dropee will be able to access their online store’s comprehensive dashboard that displays detailed records of every sales and orders, inventory level, processing status, customers’ details, promotions, credit term applications, and overall monthly report that is tabulated according to percentage.Our comprehensive dashboard would reduce the hassle of physically liaising and contacting with multiple retailers simultaneously requesting for stock supply that may at times be overwhelming. Now you would have the convenience to process all the orders on a single platform in a more transparent and organized manner without having to communicate back and forth throughout. Additionally, the ability to track in real-time of your online store’s performance by utilizing the seller dashboard would also reduce the possibilities of human error and allow better accuracy in coming up with any reports. 

Delivery Options

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Currently, Dropee offers these three delivery options to get products into your customers’ hands,  which are;

  • Self-pick up by customers - Allow customer to self collect orders from location set by supplier.
  • Delivery made by supplier - Suppliers deliver the products themselves and set Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for customer-paid delivery/free delivery depending on volume of purchase or location
  • Use Dropee’s 3rd Party Logistic Partners - Save the headache and let us fulfill the orders for you using our 3PL partners especially for low volume purchases. All charges are incurred by customer.

Aiming to optimize your delivery, Dropee’s platform aggregates purchases of business according to areas. Dropee provides information to sellers to help them optimize their delivery routes (drop-offs) as well.  We know precisely that each drop off is a cost to your business. 

Simplified On Boarding Process

Interested to sign up? Well, expect no more than 5 easy steps to get your store live and ready for business in no time. Dropee has a very simple 5-step process to officially welcome you to our family. They are;

  • Step 1 : Account Creation - Provide details for the person-in-charge (PIC), email address and business registration number.
  • Step 2 : Documentation and Submission - Submit signed agreement and other required documents.
  • Step 3 : Account Setup - Product upload, delivery setting, banner design, and promotion setting.
  • Step 4 : Confirmation - Auditing and amendments of product listings, as well as confirmation on any digital marketing solutions provided by Dropee.
  • Step 5 : Sell - Start selling and delivering your orders!


Attractive Digital Marketing Package

Suppliers will be delighted to know that Dropee also provides promotional assistance to their online store through our marketing campaigns and offline marketing activities. This will help to promote their product online and get more reach.As a supplier, you are able to utilize our digital marketing efforts such as the below to boost online presence:

  • Storefront - Having an official store page on Dropee where you can customize the URL and banner spaces to capture potential customers’ attention.
  • Article - Work closely with Dropee’s team to develop content marketing strategy for your business.
  • Newsletter - Reach out to Dropee’s current audience who loves email marketing campaigns.
  • Social Media Post - Appeal to Dropee’s followers on social media as a starting point to build your brand presence.
  • Banner Ad Space - Market your products on Dropee’s homepage.


Secure and Safe Transactions

All transactions on Dropee go through an escrow account to ensure that your customers will gain maximum trust. Ultimately, payment collection is made easy and we provide a reliable security for your funds. All payment on Dropee is made by online transfer and our payment gateway caters to most banks used by SMEs. Payment will be disbursed 3 days after every successful order fulfillment.  

Give Dropee A Go!

With close to 50% of recurring customers making repeated orders, Dropee essentially opens up a new window to grow your business digitally. In which, is done strategically by establishing an online market along with automated business operation. Suppliers, it’s time to take your offline business to a new height today!Give Dropee a go! Sign up as Dropee’s supplier here.If you are a retailer then click here.

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