Suppliers You’ll Find At Digital Wholesale Market: F&B Edition (Part 2)

Suppliers You’ll Find At Digital Wholesale Market: F&B Edition (Part 2)

Picking up from our previous post on the list of suppliers that you’ll find at Digital Wholesale Market: F&B Edition (Part 1), here comes Part 2, revealing the second half of the participating suppliers who’ll be joining us at the event. 

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In the ever-changing food industry, Food & Beverage businesses are always on the lookout for more items to expand their menus.

However, sourcing for new F&B products often involves challenges such as:

  • Trouble Comparing Prices  - Pricing information is not usually displayed clearly, and it is difficult to tell if a supplier’s price is the lowest in town

  • Difficulty Finding the Right Suppliers - It can be time-consuming to find new suppliers with quality products

  • Lack of Supplier Transparency - Reviews and supplier information are not easily available, making it hard to tell whether a supplier is reliable and genuine

If you have ever experienced any of the struggles listed above, Dropee has got the solution for you at our upcoming event - Digital Wholesale Market: F&B Edition!

You can get the lowest wholesale prices from over 20 local Food & Beverage suppliers on Saturday 21st September at Da Men Mall, USJ! This is the perfect opportunity for you to get the best F&B deals from a wide variety of trusted suppliers - all in one location.

Read on to learn more about the suppliers participating at Digital Wholesale Market: F&B Edition 2019!

11. Lioco Food Industries 

Lioco Food Industries is a food technology company that focuses on developing a healthy eating lifestyle for the community. They aim to provide healthy and delicious food that can be prepared with ease and convenience.

Product Categories:


12. Deliqo Asia

Deliqo Asia is a boutique green tea drinks importer and distributor, serving only quality products that offer healthier choices to the Malaysian market. Their popular Japanese green tea drinks include ready to serve unsweetened green tea, barley tea, and matcha green tea bags - guaranteed to meet what your customers want. 

Product Categories:


13. Heritage Food Network

Heritage Food Network (HFN) offers foodservice operators such as cafes, restaurants, hotels and catering businesses a quick and cost-effective way of delivering good quality food by providing ready-to-serve recipes that meet the demands of today’s discerning customers. They are committed to helping you gain a competitive edge in your business by offering a convenient way to serve great food without the hassle of cooking it.

Product Categories:


14. Unilever Food Solutions

With the aim to be a leading global provider of inspiration to chefs and foodservice businesses, Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) provide professional ingredients, services, and solutions that fulfill culinary needs in forms of pastes, sauces, seasonings, and condiments among many others.  

Product Categories:


15. Worldline Corporation

Worldline Corporation Sdn Bhd brings you a broad range of premium products from reputable brands across the world. They assure you to bring not only your desired products but the ultimate convenience to your business with their wide range of canned beverages, snacks, and confectionery - all from global brands. 

Product Categories:


16. Pok Brothers

One of Malaysia’s largest leading food importers and distributors, Pok Brothers has been building relationships with customers for over 50 years. Carrying reputable brands from across the world, their product offering includes frozen meat from lamb to fish, cold cut meat and sausages, frozen fries, instant pizza, assorted imported cheese selections, yogurts, spices, and herbs, etc. 

Product Categories:


17. Had Ji Ice Cream

Al-Jazeera Ice Cream Sdn Bhd is an ice cream product manufacturing company established in the year 2005. Their principal activity is in the product of soft and hard ice cream products with various flavours under the brand, Hadji Ice Cream. 

Their operation and products are certified by Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and Halal (JAKIM) standards. 

Product Category:


18. FreshFarm2U

FreshFarm2U is a group of farmers who are passionate to supply fruits, vegetables and poultry products directly to you from their farms. Their top priority is to ensure that their products are safe for consumption by applying chemical-free growing methods. At the same time, they also focus on niche products that are not commonly available in the market. 

Product Categories:


19. RTS Ventures 

RTS Ventures is a supply company operating in F&B supply, trading, and distribution of the shrimp snack product under the brand, Har Cheek. They aim to introduce a tasty and healthier product while creating a new trend of snacking in Malaysia. 

Product Category:



D’PEDAS is a brand of frozen food products owned by Green Island Sdn Bhd (GISB) and has been operating since 2006. Commercialized after their participation in MAHA 2014 and 2018, D’Pedas frozen food products are now available throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Their product offering includes frozen marinated lamb, chicken, gravies, and sauces.  

Product Category:


21. ATTE Plastic

Atte Plastic directly manufactures the factory brand plastic bags known as “Layang-Layang”. Their HD/HM/PP plastic bags are suitable for packing food. All their plastic bag products are made from virgin plastic and do not contain any recycled materials.

Product Categories:


More suppliers will be revealed very soon, so stay tuned for more updates!

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