Suppliers You’ll Find At Digital Wholesale Market: F&B Edition (Part 1)

Suppliers You’ll Find At Digital Wholesale Market: F&B Edition (Part 1)

In the ever-changing food industry, Food & Beverage businesses are always on the lookout for more items to expand their menus.

However, sourcing for new F&B products often involves challenges such as:

  • Trouble Comparing Prices  - Pricing information is not usually displayed clearly, and it is difficult to tell if a supplier’s price is the lowest in town

  • Difficulty Finding the Right Suppliers - It can be time-consuming to find new suppliers with quality products

  • Lack of Supplier Transparency - Reviews and supplier information are not easily available, making it hard to tell whether a supplier is reliable and genuine

If you have ever experienced any of the struggles listed above, Dropee has got the solution for you at our upcoming event - Digital Wholesale Market: F&B Edition!

You can get the lowest wholesale prices from over 20 local Food & Beverage suppliers on Saturday 21st September at Da Men Mall, USJ! This is the perfect opportunity for you to get the best F&B deals from a wide variety of trusted suppliers - all in one location.

Read on to learn more about the suppliers participating at Digital Wholesale Market: F&B Edition 2019

1. Kawan Food


Kawan Food is well known globally as a manufacturer and exporter of sweet and savoury Malaysian favorites, frozen and ready-to-cook. Their wide range of products includes spring rolls, samosas, parathas, glutinous rice balls (Tang Yuan), puff pastry, buns, tortillas, pizza, and vegetables!
PS: Their products are free from trans fat

Brands: Kawan, KG Pastry, Passion Bake, Sea Pack, Veat

Product Category:

Frozen food.png

2. Nibou Industries


Nibou Industries (M) Sdn Bhd began producing their main line of food products under the name ‘NBI’ in 2005. The NBI line consists of several separate brands, which produce jellies, puddings, fruit concentrate, and honey. 

Brands: NBI Dadih, NBI Yourgurt, Drinme, Freshill

Product Categories:


3. Yee Lee Trading

Yee Lee Trading Co. Sdn Bhd (YLT) is one of the leading trading companies in Malaysia. They cover a wide range of products, including the famous Red Eagle & Vesawit oils, Kimball sauces, and Red Chef cooking pastes. They are also official distributors for Spritzer, Cactus and Redbull.

Product Categories:

Oils & Condiments.png

4. Fulleaf Tea Store

Sourcing ingredients directly from the farm, SNC Tea Time specialise in a range of teas. They supply Roasted Oolong tea from Taiwan, Black Tea from Keemun, as well as Japanese teas like Deep-Steamed Green Tea, Brown Rice Tea, and Hojicha in loose or powder format. They are tea masters and can supply all kinds of tea ranges that are suitable for milk tea and cafe use.

Product Category:


5. FK Supply

A family-owned business with over two decades of industry experience, FK Supply is one of the leading suppliers and distributors of fresh fruits, vegetables, and eggs in Selangor. Their current customer base includes various wholesalers, supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels.

Product Categories:

Eggs Vegies.png

6. Aik Cheong Coffee  

From humble beginnings in Melaka over 6 decades ago, Aik Cheong Coffee Roaster Sdn. Bhd has grown to be a household name for coffee in Malaysia. Their highly-skilled workforce and high-tech coffee production processes demonstrate a continuous commitment to providing high-quality gourmet coffee beans, powders, and blends - all of which yield the best aroma, body, and taste.

Product Categories:


7. Phywon Ingredients

Phywon System Ingredient Sdn Bhd has vast experience in manufacturing a wide variety of food ingredients. From gelatin to sweeteners, their ingredients can be used for baked goods and desserts.

Product Category:


8. Seafood Valley

Seafood Valley Enterprise Sdn Bhd specialises in manufacturing halal and frozen seafood products. They strive to produce Halal, tasty and quality steamboat & Dim Sum products for the market. They are HACCP, GMP and MESTI certified.

Product Category:

Steamboat products.png

9. Darabif

Darabif Meat Company Sdn. Bhd. are committed to producing meat products of the best quality, and have implemented a strict manufacturing and production process to ensure this. With over a decade of experience in importing & distributing halal food internationally, Darabif now produces high-quality patties with high protein content and no extra preservatives!

Product Category:


10. Crabee

Crabee delivers fresh, affordable and tasty crabs - handpicked exclusively from their farm located in Port Klang. By ensuring that the crabs are handled properly right until they reach your doorstep, quality and freshness is guaranteed

Product Category:

Fresh Seafood.png

More suppliers will be revealed very soon, so stay tuned for more updates

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Get the Best Bulk Prices for All Your F&B Business Needs at the Digital Wholesale Market: F&B Edition 2019

Get the Best Bulk Prices for All Your F&B Business Needs at the Digital Wholesale Market: F&B Edition 2019