Customer Experience: Your First Focus For A B2B Marketplace Startup


The key to succeeding in any form of a market is to realize that all prospects are interlinked and that one decision will ultimately have an impact on the other.In this case, we are referring to the importance of customer experience for further establishment of a B2B startup, which refers to a business-to-business platform having a real growth rate of 14% overall. Services like Dropee are committed to providing you excellent deals for wholesale purchases, but to achieve such market independence, the third party in this trade, the customer, cannot be sidelined. The following factors explain the importance of customer experience in maintaining a successful B2B setup.

Customers: The Last in the Cyclic Chain

In an ideal setup where the total amount of money remains conserved, the money is ultimately returned to the supplier by the customer. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies want the influx of their products from the unit and the exit to the retailers to be lightning fast, and that is only possible if the vast majority of consumers are satisfied with the product they consume. This satisfaction includes:

  • Quality of product
  • Ease of Availability
  • Pricing

In this basic model and the real world itself, a subpar response from the customers will bring you no substantial profit, and might not even recover your cost of operating.

Temporary Contracts

At Dropee, the main aim is to make each party attached to the chain of operation functioning as a family. This cannot be achieved when there is no long-term relation established with any brand’s product you are selling to a retailer. In fact, finding new suppliers each time will lead to the exhaustion of your options to choose from, and you can only avoid that by ensuring that your customer feels more secure with each deal.If your customers are not satisfied with the pace and quality of your delivery, or by the treatment when they are welcomed with each time they contact the customer relations’ department, you can expect it to be a one-time contract. And in the long run, they can add up more as liabilities.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is just an example of the globalized society you live in today, where information travels faster than ever. One bad interaction with a customer with substantial power in the market, such as Tesco in Malaysia, can not only lead to the market chain abandoning you but it will also repel the competition it has.Dropee is therefore adamant on prioritizing customer experience; there are many consequences on the line particularly if your setup is a new one. New startups need a significant amount of push in the market to get to an independent standing point in such a cut-throat marketplace. And in B2B markets, the supply of customers comes in the form of businesses, which means that there aren’t too many in supply, to begin with.So be careful to give sufficient thought to the customer experience before planning out your strategy for a B2B startup, and you will certainly start witnessing early signs of progression.