Choosing the Right Tech Partners in a Fast-changing & Competitive Environment


Often times business owners question what are the technology solutions that can help them prosper in a fast-changing and competitive environment. The key to this question is to find tech solutions that are not only efficient but also agile and customer-focused as well.

Here are some pieces of advice from us on how to choose the right tech partners in the ever-changing modern business environment.

Solution Flexibility

The flexibility of a tech solution to have plug-and-play features suited to your changing needs over time is essential. Tech partners out there would almost never deny any customization requests, but how fast can a solution be customized according to your changing business needs is also crucial.

That’s why it’s important to consider your tech partners’ capabilities in churning out suitable features in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Well-abled tech partners have already built their tech infrastructures to ensure that the plug-and-play features can be done easily.

An example of a flexible solution provider would be Dropee, where it allows business owners to customize an enterprise solution according to their needs to streamline and simplify their procurement process, all via plug-and-play.

What Does Being A Customer Mean?

You should know the technology that you invest in and identify its qualities. This investment must complement your belief, and the vendor should feel the same about you and your business model.

This is because you are not just investing in technology, you are choosing a business partner to work along with that can add value to your product and your customers.

So, find out how they treat their customers, or you can ask for site references. Ask questions like do their customers stick around? Do they have events for customers to leverage on? How will making this investment impact your business?

For instance, at Dropee, we work closely with B2B manufacturers and distributors. Therefore, we know first hand about the problems they face in their day-to-day business operations and we offer them the best in terms of B2B eCommerce and eProcurement solution.

Do They Understand Your Business and Speak Your Language?

This is fairly intuitive but most often than not goes untested, subsequently causing challenges down the line. Don't be afraid to dig in to validate if a solution can support your unique requirements.

This will determine if the company only wants your business, or whether do they really understand your business and act in your best interest.

Red flags can be spotted easily. If the points are not clearly stated and the value presented is not fine-tuned with a short execution path, then you have one less vendor to consider because it is clear that they don’t understand your business well enough.

In the very first place, however, you have to ensure that you have provided a clear guideline on your goals. Additionally, you should also be transparent about your needs, because potential partners cannot truly fulfill the gap that your business needs without your thorough involvement during the mutual discovery phase.


When it comes to choosing technology features to create a superior customer experience, it boils back down to understanding the customers’ needs.

In the B2B space, we noticed that the majority of B2B customers prefer to schedule deliveries and have a simplified ordering experience via a B2B eCommerce portal. However, a report shows that 54% of businesses said that they do not have an effective eCommerce website yet.

This means the focus is to find tech partners that have solutions that are user-friendly to ensure that the customer’s purchasing experience is as seamless as possible.

Support and Maintenance

Many companies fear to be left unattended after a product/feature launch with their tech partners, and this is not uncommon. In any case, ask your vendor how is their support mechanism like, along with maintenance, scalability, analytics, promotion, troubleshooting and etc.

Speaking about us at Dropee, we work with clients of various scales, providing them with eCommerce & eProcurement solution that can streamline their supply chain and fulfillment process. We start by understanding their needs, customize product accordingly, and provide support and maintenance at different stages of the system development.

This is also what your future technology partner ought to be like. So, never lower your expectations in finding the partner that will be perfect for you and your business.

The Benefits of Getting it Right

You will have acomplete peace of mind by choosing the right tech partners and you will be able to focus more on other business opportunities because you know that your important systems are in the best of hands.

On top of that, you will also have a trusted consultant who shares the same values and vision as you and a partner who can help your business to be future-proof.

Additionally, there is a team of skilled professionals scrutinizing the system on your behalf in this ever-changing business world, minimizing the possible risks while you search for more business opportunities.

The process of selecting the best partner can take time, but it's better to be patient than getting the wrong partner which may cost you more.

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