Dropee: Bringing Suppliers and Retailers Closer


Not too long ago, I ran across an article that posed a question, How important is supplier and retailer relationship in a business?The author wants to point out that in any business, all relationships are important which I consider true because in the world of retail, customers are number one and in order to achieve that memorable and lasting customer experience, supplier and retailer relationship should be locked in.Many businesses fail in the beginning because they do not get buyers from their products fast enough or they cannot find a better supplier for their products. This has been an ongoing issue in the market however technology has made the world closer each day. Internet and its power to reach out to thousands of people in one click can be very beneficial today.Dropee bridges all the gaps in the market scene and brings together suppliers and retailers. With its growing lists of retailers, people can now source for products directly from qualified wholesalers, manufacturers and principals at a faster, cheaper and reliable way. Dropee’s platform makes it easy for both suppliers and retailers to digitize sales orders, track inventories and fulfilment of goods as well as to access real-time analytical reports.With this new and improved Dropee community where suppliers and retailers can now work closely and in the end benefits both parties is one of the highlights in the sense that it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.Since the beginning, Dropee’s aim is to mainly help small online entrepreneurs discover quality products efficiently, streamline order management and leave the fulfilment to suppliers, so that the focus of retailers can just be on growing sales.As of now, brands that have signed on with Dropee include Cadbury, Ferrero Rocher, Anakku, Red Bull Malaysia and many more.Dropee is serving the supplier and retailer market better as it makes business easier and faster for them. Dropee will soon create a bigger lifestyle for communities all around to provide access to quality goods at a cheaper price around the globe. It has become the most reliable marketplace.Now, Dropee is gearing up to have a wider reach into all parts of the globe that would allow people to connect with buyers and sellers in single tap in the screen. It will not stop building and creating lasting relationship between suppliers and retailers and even help in the logistical processes that would be very beneficial in the finding potential buyers.Dropee is leading a revolution in the B2B marketplace making things possible and easier for everyone and bringing suppliers and retailers closer in the end.Join our ecommerce marketplace today and enjoy a stimulating change into your business.