B2B eCommerce - Grow Your Business Easily With Mobile B2B eCommerce Platform

B2B eCommerce - Grow Your Business Easily With Mobile B2B eCommerce Platform


Multiple reports revealed that mobile sales account for 30% of total eCommerce sales and specifically for B2B market, up to 49% of B2B buyers are using their mobile devices for product research.

Obviously, this means that it would be a great loss for businesses if they miss out on tapping into this growing market of mobile users. Mobile B2B eCommerce platforms are also increasing in popularity and demand due to the prevalent use of mobile phones. Essentially, mobile B2B eCommerce is packed with convenient-related benefits and advantages in multiple ways.Let’s find out the 10 ways of how mobile B2B eCommerce can help businesses boost a greater procurement convenience for customers.

1. A Better and Improved Order Efficiency

It is not an overstretch to say that a large number of users feel more comfortable with their mobile phones these days. It has become an essential item to bring along wherever they go. Therefore, opening up an opportunity where they have the option to buy anything at any time. Gone are the days where to shop online, you have to go back home and switch on your laptop or computer to be able to do so.

2. New Market Opportunities

There are many areas including countrysides or remote locations where people do not have much access to devices other than just mobile phones. Many might not own a desktop computer, laptop, or anything of the sort. But having said that, they are still able to use their mobile phones to order and purchase any desired products online. Home-based businesses and small medium enterprises are known to come from these population of mobile phone users. Indirectly, this helps B2B eCommerce to also capture new markets.

3. Simple Integration

Many brands have a single website for both desktop and mobile users. The trick to this is simply by integrating the site to make it more mobile-friendly.Not only will this require only a minimal cost, it also makes the site’s interface and overall experience much better for users. Dropee B2B Wholesale Marketplace for instance, applies the same feature where the platform is fully optimized in terms of user interface, responsiveness, and user touchpoints to provide the best purchasing experience across various devices. You can read our previous articles on other features that Dropee offers here.

4. Direct Communication

On mobile, users can browse the website, search for products, utilize search filters, place orders, and make payments. These are pretty much established at this point. But another use of mobile B2B eCommerce is that they can communicate easily. How so?Let’s say if users encounter any issues, it will be much simpler for them to make a call to your store and inquire straight away. Hence, purchasing on mobile is easy, convenient, and fast in this sense.

5. Mobile Supplements Other Channels

People believe the rise and growth of mobile devices is endangering other selling channels. However, this is just a myth. The advance of mobile shopping is rather supplementing instead for other channels. It further facilitates the users to buy products and contributes to the sales of the brand. The omni-channel approach to eCommerce marketing (including B2B) was partly conceived due to the advance of mobile devices. Now purchasing experiences are equally integrated across channels to contribute to sales instead of perceived as competitions to one another.

6. Increasing The Number of Customers

This is a given, brands with mobile-friendly websites will manage to get more customers. This is simply because more people use mobile phones than their computers. They want to place orders on the go and have their products delivered as soon as possible.

7. Customer-Centric Experience

B2B eCommerce companies tend to put more focus on customer experience. The reasons are mainly due to the fact that most business to business relationships flourish on the ground of referrals and long term recurring customers. Therefore, providing the ultimate customer experience is of significant importance. Businesses tried their best to make it easier for the users or customers to buy products, place orders, make payments, and check out. The whole process is fundamentally engineered to be customer-centric.

8. Exceptional Customer Care

Simultaneously, customer care does improved when companies make their commerce sites mobile-friendly. As the customers’ base grows, the companies become more conscious too. Ultimately, businesses found that it is necessary to step up their customer service and with this the benefit goes to the brand itself in one way or the other.

9. Better Sales Management

With mobile-friendly versions of their websites, B2B eCommerce companies have more and better options to manage their sales. They have the ability to automate the system and improve its efficiency. They can also track performance, customer trends, data and analytics, plus more.

10. Reduction in Costs

Recent studies found out that B2B eCommerce sites with mobile-friendly counterparts make more sales and earn more profit. Their cost reduces and the total profit eventually outnumbers the expenses.

I Want My eCommerce Business To Go Mobile

Fortunately, now it is much easier for you to realize this. Request for a demo of Dropee’s Enterprise Solution here.Our dedicated consultants will be with you to help you understand how our back end solutions and marketplace features can help your business to go mobile and more.

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