8 B2B Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to Generate Value for Your Company


Paying Attention to Your Online Audience.

In order to prepare a strategic social media targeting, marketers would indefinitely require to pay close attention to their competitors. Emphasizes should be put on audience as well, to provide a comprehensive view on what’s going on in the industry. Paying attention to industry players and influencers’ online activity and implementing tactics that is able to engage with them effectively. A great place to keep tabs on your competition is their blog. See what they are talking about, what their customers are saying and what pain points are occurring.

Content Marketing.

Content marketing has been a popular technique for marketers to attract and nurture potential leads in the B2B industry for decades. As customer extend their uses on the services provided by B2B businesses, marketers need to carefully deploy numerous research on the customer lifecycle. Content marketing is one of the major effective strategy for B2B marketers to better educate their potential clients regarding the best followed practices for their industry.Over 90 percent of B2B marketers implement content marketing strategy as their core component, but only 37 percent of them implement documentation of their content strategy. Lack of strategy is the main reason why content initiatives fail.To implement effective content initiative, it is vital for marketers to measure content marketing ROI. Set the goals you want to achieve through content marketing and measure them through KPIs.

Social media: Connecting your ideas with the world.

There may be no better way to connect your ideas with the world than through social media. It can be a terrific way to boost your company’s visibility online. One of our strongest recommendations is to focus on sharing highly useful and targeted content that’s of interest to the people you want to connect with.

LinkedIn marketing.

As of late, more and more marketers shift their focus to social media strategy. Social media is seen by many as an effective way of educating and communicating with potential prospects.Studies by industrial giants estimated that LinkedIn is expected to outperform other social channels for B2B businesses.After being acquired by Microsoft in 2016, LinkedIn has released tons of features that are geared towards making LinkedIn the most efficient and cost-effective platform for reaching B2B audience. B2B marketers are making more data driven decisions with LinkedIn than ever before.

Marketing automation.

Marketers are also focusing on marketing automation lately. Marketing automation will allow marketers to automate repetitive tasks and nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content to assist clients in their journey to purchase.Although the technology is in its early stage of maturity, marketers are pushing themselves to exploit the possibilities to deliver relevant and timely communications to prospects to nurture leads. Marketing automation is more about nurturing your prospects than selling to them. It helps you streamline your inbound marketing strategy and enhance the communication by delivering content at the exact time your prospects need it.

Build commitment: Like, follow, subscribe.

The path doesn’t end when someone finds your company online -- your efforts are wasted if someone shows up then leaves. Build commitment by making it easy to stay in touch.Make social links easy to spot, so people can Like, Follow or share your content.Create a simple email subscription form for newsletter or blog post distribution.Don’t forget to link to your RSS feed -- some people prefer it.

Online engagement: A one-to-one conversation.

Digital marketing is about driving a better customer experience, earning sales and retention by focusing on the importance of one-to-one marketing. Your end goal is to start and continue discussions that lead to new brand advocates, new customers and long-term clients that ultimately become referral generators.Competing in the digital economy can seem overwhelming, but in many ways the web levels the playing field. After all, the best content doesn’t cost the most, rather it makes the most effective connection with the reader. By focusing on the essentials of being found, seen and heard online, it’s possible to not only succeed in the digital economy, but to relish in growth and visibility.

Content personalization.

While web content personalization is a well-established marketing tactic among B2C websites, B2B businesses are still slow to adopt it. That’s quite surprising because personalization of emails is a common tactic across all industries.It helps you to supercharge your account-based marketing initiatives and provide personalized experience based on various customer demographics including company name, industry and other data.