5 Mistakes You Make When Trying To Grow Your B2B E-Commerce Business


Making a mistake can be costly. Not learning from it can be costlier. And with you growing a B2B E-Commerce business, it's even more important that you avoid huge mistakes when possible.Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are really attractive to sell off to bulk buyers in a B2B setup, but you need to understand that you do not hold a monopoly in the market and that they can find many other suppliers in the event that they witness incompetency from your end. This incompetency can be in the form of negligence that comes about in your drive for expanding your business in the world of E-Commerce, and you must assess them before proceeding with your lined up decisions. 

Utopian Goals

Dropee’s success as a rational wholesale supplier can be accounted to the fact that since inception, it has never had the aim of reaching the skies since day one. This is an important realization for many B2B business planners who simply assume that their website will be the first sellers will want to click on.Is it marketed well enough? If so, is there a big enough hype on social media? What are the promoters doing to sustain it, if any? Such are the questions B2B E-Commerce businesses need to answer more than once every day and negligence here can be dire.

Ignoring Dissatisfaction

If a business you are supplying to complains about your relations department for being inconsiderate ,for example, the biggest mistake you can make is turning a deaf ear to it. These customers are your primary source of income because the setup would not have existed had it not been for them.Ensure that your customer relations are maintained in a fashion similar to Dropee’s, that values constructive criticism in a positive light.

Operating without Backup

So you decided to run a social media trend, but it failed miserably on a holiday. In such times, not having an answer to “What’s Next?” can be the first step towards lack of productivity in your business.Make a pledge to never take negative probability for granted, and have a backup in mind which can save you from many hasty decisions, and ultimately from a downward profit and reputation trend.

Avoiding Innovation

Just because your business operates behind the scenes, you are not confined to follow in the footsteps of every other B2B setup out there. Dropee is a good example because it aspires to make business more doable for the local retailer’s circuit in Malaysia by providing them financial incentives with each sale.Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) have a considerable profit margin, and only innovative businesses can forward this benefit onto principle sellers.

Not Utilizing Technology

In an adaptive market where mobile marketing is at an all-time high, you cannot expect to stay content with conventional means of branding. Regardless of how many channels and newspapers you sell your product to, you need to befriend the social media.This way you can benefit from one-click ads, ad words, and Search Engine Optimization in a way that it puts you at the top of your game! Are there any other mistakes you've done when growing your B2B E-Commerce Business? Tell us more in the comments below!