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The What and How To Efficient Inventory Management

Running a business is never an easy feat and businesses are on a constant search of finding the leading key to grow bigger and better. Especially in the retail industry, key factor such as inventory management is of great importance. In fact, enough to make or break your business. The sooner you start vamping up […]

Hotel Maids Reveal These 10 Easy Cleaning Hacks!

What makes a great hotel experience? A question like this may prompt a thousand and one answers. However, never underestimate the influence of something seemingly trivial like room cleanliness to bring down the ratings and reviews. With that said, we are revealing 10 easy cleaning hacks shared by actual hotel maids to keep those dirt […]

7 Efficient Ways To Reduce Post-purchase Dissonance

Post-purchase dissonance is an issue faced by many marketers. It occurs when the customers are unsatisfied with the goods or services purchased and this may trigger them to express complaints and dissatisfaction. The post-purchase activities involve evaluation, product use or non-use, and disposal. It is essential to stimulate both pre- and post-purchase behaviour because only […]

How Upcoming Digital Tax May Affect Malaysia’s Digital Space?

The recent presentation of Budget 2019, revealed that the government is looking to impose a levy on digital services known as the “Digital Tax” come Jan 1, 2020. Finance Minister, Lim Guan Eng announced that foreign tech companies providing imported online services – inclusive of software, music, video, or any digital advertising are required to […]