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Cleanliness or hygiene is the X factor that could make or break your cafe business. Hence that is why we keep hearing in the news about F&B premises (even those long-running F&B establishments) that had to close down due to failure in meeting the regulated cleanliness standard.

Not only that maintaining the hygiene standard can keep your cafe business legally operating, but the impact is also strong enough to determine the highs and lows of your business revenue. But, how so?

A report shows that 70% of restaurant customers never make a return visit due to reasons such as unsatisfactory customer service, food quality, and to no surprise – hygiene.

Therefore, it is a must for cafe owners to come up with all the necessary measures in maintaining good hygiene for their premises. Of course, this will include your choice of cleaning products as well.

Here, we will share the benefits of investing in quality cleaning products to boost your cafe business.


At a glance, many would wonder how quality cleaning products can be economical when these products would usually cost more than the regular brandless ones.

Truth is, the cost-saving effect for high-quality cleaning products is actually more impactful in the long run.

In the case of quality or premium cleaning products, depending on the type of cleaning solution and the surface to be cleaned, one or two drops would be enough to do the job. Therefore, there is no need for you to buy as frequent.

Hence, saving you from the extra cost and the inconvenience from having to reorder multiple times on cleaning stock that runs out fast, all due to the need of greater amount used whenever you clean.  

Plus, quality cleaning products are designed to rinse off easily so you can avoid excessive water usage as well. Concurrently, this will save you some cleaning time too.

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Effective Formula

Different surfaces demand specific cleaning solutions that would suit best. Cleaning with the wrong cleaning products can leave residues that will become stains over time. Instead of improving your cafe cleanliness, it would turn into a hassle and a counter-productive move.

On top of that, there is also a possibility that if the cleaning product contains harsh chemicals or strong formula, it could gradually damage or corrode surfaces cleaned after long-term use.

This is more unlikely to happen with quality cleaning products.

The right formula should be able to clean and disinfect germs, bacteria, and contaminants at the same time. This is in order to ensure that your cafe would meet the safety and cleanliness standard set by the authority.

High-quality cleaning products, therefore, is a better choice as it can kill two birds with one stone – clean and germ-free.

Higher Satisfaction

The use of quality cleaning products will give off a higher level of satisfaction to almost all parties, inclusive of the cafe owners, employees, and customers. Basically, a win-win solution for all.

For cafe owners, the use of high-quality cleaning products promotes better satisfaction when your cafe stays clean and spotless for much longer with lesser effort.

Employees tend to work better in a cleaner and more hygienic environment too. A workplace with minimal germs and contaminations circulating within has positively led to an increase in work productivity.

The use of high-quality cleaning products will lower down the chances for workplace derived sickness among your employees and will simultaneously reduce the frequency of sick leave requests.

Meanwhile, on the other end, a high standard of hygiene will also improve your customer satisfaction and increase the probability for them to revisit.

Additionally, by investing in higher quality cleaning products with disinfectant formula, you can improve your cafe’s hygiene which will ultimately enhance the overall dining environment and ambiance as well.

The Quest to Greater Hygiene

Thanks to the continuous effort for product developments in general, there have been many breakthroughs and upgrades over the year, even in the cleaning product industry.

Regardless of innovation in terms of formulation, product design, or product use, it has opened up a new myriad of options for customers to choose from. So, now the question lies on how to decide which would be the best selection for you.  

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