How Can Dropee Help You Stock Up More With Less Money?

What is Dropee?

Dropee is a one-stop B2B e-Procurement Platform and Enterprise Solution for all types of businesses. Our B2B e-Procurement Platform allows businesses to get connected in order to buy and sell in bulk, and the Enterprise Solution allows businesses to streamline their operational processes to work more efficiently and effectively. Dropee currently specialises in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Retail space.

We believe that the supply chain in Malaysia lacks connectivity between suppliers and SME business owners. Hence, we saw the opportunity to bridge both parties by creating an online platform for businesses to source and deal with one another in a faster, more effective and efficient way.



We aim to simplify communication channels between businesses and streamline operational processes, so that businesses can do more with less resources. Essentially, Dropee empowers businesses to grow by creating a better B2B sourcing experience.


Why Use Dropee?

Procurement can be a very tedious and manual process requiring extensive resources in terms of time, money, and labour. So much so that in many corporations, an entire department is allocated for the purpose of procurement.

Most retailers (SME business owners) find it difficult to source for products with good margin, get salespersons who genuinely care for their business needs, and to manage orders effectively from multiple suppliers. In which the latter translates to scores of manual paperwork.

The above highlights the most common challenges faced by retailers, which can take up a huge deal of quality resources that could be put to use on other business aspects.


How Is Dropee Going to Help Retailers Like You?

Below are some of Dropee’s features that can help you stock up in a more transparent and convenient manner.


1. Convenient Search for Easy Price Comparison

You can search for products via the search bar on Dropee and compare product prices easily on one platform, rather than having to call up different suppliers or going online to browse for better prices. This also eliminates the need to deal with multiple suppliers for different products you need.


2. Digitized Documentation

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a payment acknowledgement, invoice, receipt and delivery note via email. Now you can wave goodbye to manual documentation. Then, you are able to spend more resources on other business aspects (such as marketing) to grow your business.


3. Centralized Account Management Dashboard

Retailers who have already signed up with Dropee will be able to manage and monitor your activity within Dropee via our centralized dashboard. The centralized dashboard allows you to track your order and purchase history aside from the usual account setting. The easy-to-use interface and the availability of chat box feature further enhance the user friendliness of the dashboard.


4. Competitive Wholesale Pricing

Other than providing a convenient and transparent stock up experience for retailers, Dropee offers quality product with competitive pricing. Retailers can purchase in bulk at wholesale prices by hitting the minimum order quantity set by suppliers. In short, you save more by buying more!


5. Straightforward Step-by-step Process To Purchase

Here at Dropee, we try our best to deliver an unmatched user experience. This, along with the aim of making the purchasing process as simple and effortless as possible. With that said, here is how Dropee works:

  • Buyer signs up and register – A simple registration process that requires only your name, email, business registration number and password.
  • Search for products – Dropee has a wide range of products catered for restaurant & cafes, convenience stores, event companies, offices, hawkers & caterers, hotels & accommodations, bakery stores plus many more. Our product categories also host an array of varieties such as beverages, snacks & confectionery, office supplies & stationery, baby products, and etc.
  • Add to cart – After selecting the products, retailers can proceed to “Add to Cart”. From there, retailers will have the choice to check-out OR to continue shopping.
  • Check out and delivery info – Retailers will need to review the product and to confirm that everything is accurate. Next, retailers need to enter delivery information and select shipment of choice. Our delivery options are: Self-Pickup/ Free Delivery from Supplier (if minimum order quantity is fulfilled)/ third-party logistics (3PL).
  • Making payment – Retailers are able to complete payment for any order via bank transfer or debit card on Dropee’s secure payment gateway.
  • Collect or receive goods – For self-collect items, retailers may head over to the supplier’s displayed location and show the Receipt Note and/or transaction number received via email from Dropee. Delivery by Supplier or third-party logistics is usually between 3 – 5 working days for lead time to process and deliver the order.


6. Worry-free Product Sourcing

Committed to ensure that all products are delivered in their best conditions, Dropee allows a worry-free experience with our return & refund policy. Hence, retailers are able to wipe away those worries for any defective merchandise or delivery error. Please refer to our return & refund policy page for more details.

Or else, retailers can directly contact for any return or refund related issues. 


It’s Time To Give Dropee A Try

In conclusion, these are among the available features on Dropee to assist you in growing your business by making conventional stocking up process a whole lot easier. Think about it, not only will you save money and cost, you are also saving time and it is completely hassle-free. Icing on top, more interactive and efficient features will be made available soon too.

Like what you read so far? Sign up with Dropee here today!

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