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Overcome These 5 Issues with Drop Shipping

Want to start a business where you can be independent location wise? Don’t want to go through the trouble of holding and managing inventory? Maybe you would just like to be able to run your business from a laptop or tablet while you are on the go? If so, drop shipping is something to consider. […]

Retaining your customers

Retaining Your Customers

While trying to attain new customers is important for every business, trying to retain your existing customers is actually just as important, if not more. Existing or returning customers are known to spend more and try new products than new customers. And the fact is, trying to acquire new customers is more costly than to […]

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Debunking Drop Shipping Myths

  Nowadays in the eCommerce world, drop shipping is all the rage, justifiably so. For budding entrepreneurs who wish to start operating their own store but do not want the hassle of having to deal with any inventory, drop shipping is the perfect business model. However, with its growing popularity comes a growing amount of […]

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Choosing the Right Logistics Partner for Ecommerce

Ecommerce owners’ biggest pain point is finding trustworthy and reliable logistics partners. Having products delivered on time still remains a big problem despite having a rapidly growing industry. Easy Parcel As all business owners know (or should know), the key to success is to ensure the customers are happy and are kept happy. It does […]