7 Popular Snacks For CNY Candy Box & What They Symbolize – Dropee

| 5-minute read | Whenever Chinese New Year (CNY) is around the corner, these are the things that would pop first into mind. They are none other than the lucky color red, bright lanterns, red ‘ang pow’, mandarin oranges, fireworks, entertaining lion dance, among many others. However, many might not know that another customary CNY […]

Top 7 Baking Supplies Stores in Klang Valley – Dropee

| 5-minute read | Have you ever wanted to try picking up on how to bake so to satisfy your sweet tooth? Maybe even start selling if you have a knack for it? You already found the perfect guides to follow and fully loaded with all of the episodes from Elizabeth Falkner’s cooking show, but […]

4 Major Ways Budget 2019 Can Benefit SME Business Owners

| 7-minute read | Kicking off into 2019, the tabled Budget 2019 is expected to gradually kick into gear. All eyes are on the PH government’s inaugural attempt to revamp Malaysia’s economic growth and progress. The main focus of this fiscal year’s planning is none other than multiple measures to expeditiously cut down on our […]

The 6 Emerging Small Business Trends in 2019

| 5-minute read | As we enter the new year of 2019, surely the pressure is ON! This is especially the case for small businesses or startups in terms of coming up with the best business and marketing strategies. All in order to gain the much sought-after market lead ahead of the stiff competition. Knowing the […]

True Story: How Business Owners Grow Their Businesses Using Dropee

Who are we? Dropee is a B2B Wholesale Marketplace that enables businesses to buy and sell with one another in a faster and more efficient way, giving business owners the opportunity to grow their businesses. Dropee currently specialises in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and retail space. Still sceptical? Well, don’t simply take our words for […]