B2B Wholesale Marketplace : Going Online – Ticket To Your Business Growth

“Online” is the retail industry’s buzzword in these past few years. We are seeing a growing number of retail businesses that begins operating by having both physical stores and their own online platforms to market their products or services.

Currently, it is also a common sight to see budding businesses fully operating without even having any offline counterpart – simply by having an online platform, an office, and a warehouse is enough for a business to go on full gear.

Going online for businesses can be broad in definition. It could cover from having certain parts of the business accessible online, to having online presence with the help of digital marketing, or by owning an official website, among others.

Additionally, outsourcing to external platforms that provides online business solutions or services is also another way for your business to go online. Not only that it is more cost saving, this way, it also saves you from having to worry about developing your own in-house tech team or having to go on a lookout for digital expertise and services.

In simpler words, this means that now you can enable your business operations and processes to be performed online, and accessible on the web with the help of an external platform to meet all your business needs.  

Dropee’s B2B Wholesale Marketplace can do exactly this for you. Let’s find out how it can help you leveraging the online channel for the benefit of your business.

Consider B2B eCommerce As Your Stepping Stone

The global migration of retail businesses to going online has led to the growing popularity of eCommerce. The eCommerce business model has positively cater to the shift of buying behaviour among end consumers where majority prefers to shop online now.

A report shows that eCommerce holds huge potentials and might be the key to your business growth and scalability. Interestingly, eCommerce is also prominent within the B2B space where businesses connect and source from one another through online platforms.

B2B eCommerce sales are expected to outgrow B2C eCommerce sales by 2020E-commerce Platforms

It is undeniable that B2C eCommerce has the lead within the retail space, but B2B eCommerce is catching up fast. The concept of B2B eCommerce is essentially the same, but instead of end consumers, now businesses are the buyers.

As a business owner or a retailer, do note that the transitioning your procurement process online may not be a costly move as what many would expect, especially when you opt to procure from an online B2B platform with free sign up such as Dropee Marketplace

Dropee’s Marketplace Introduces Online Procurement

Procurement or product sourcing is an integral operation part for any retail businesses. Unfortunately, the conventional method of procurement proves to bring about a number of recurrent issues such as backorder, out-of-stock, inability for on-time delivery, non-standardized order fulfillment procedures, and more.

As an online marketplace that brings manufacturers and suppliers together on a single platform, Dropee offers you a solution to solve these issues through online procurement and digitization.

What is online procurement and how does it work?

Basically, online procurement refers to the reformed procurement practice where retailers can find suppliers, place order or stock up, make payment, and have it delivered directly with just a few clicks when you procure through an online platform.

By procuring online, you are able to eliminate tedious, repetitive, disorganized, inefficient, and time-consuming conventional business practices. In turn, you can refocus your resources to other aspects of your business such as market research and marketing strategies.

The Advantages of Procuring Online With Dropee

Online procurement, especially with Dropee, comes with a wide range of perks and advantages that are specifically thought out to improve your business productivity, efficiency and most importantly, convenience.

Check out how Dropee creates positive outcomes to your online procurement experience below;

  • Digitize procurement process – Experience procurement digitization with up-to-date features such as comprehensive product catalog, centralized user dashboard, and auto-generated documentation i.e, purchase order, invoice, delivery note, etc. (See more features here)
  • Improve supplier management – Find a list of reliable suppliers including brand owners and key distributors for you to source from. Dropee presents you with the opportunity to evaluate on suppliers with the best profit margin while at the same time growing your supplier’s base.
  • Procurement mobility – Dropee’s Marketplace is designed with a mobile-friendly interface that is compatible across devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Now you can procure  hassle-free, anytime and anywhere – in real time.
  • Standardize procurement process – Dropee’s Marketplace streamlines your supplier management by providing you with the same procuring process for all. Say goodbye to having to check on multiple different contract agreements and order fulfillment procedures before placing your order.

Get Your Ticket To Business Growth With Dropee

Dropee is a one stop B2B e-Procurement Platform that allows businesses to get connected in order to buy and sell in bulk at wholesale prices.

The key to the quest for an outstanding business success lies in the ability to recognize and incorporate significant trends and developments in order to develop a competitive edge to your business.

Transform your offline business to online and get your ticket to business growth by signing up with Dropee when you click the button below.

Feel free to contact us at 03-5650 5184 or click HERE to WhatsApp us for further assistance and inquiries.

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