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B2B eCommerce: What You Need to Know Before Selling Online

Global B2B eCommerce has evolved into a multi-trillion dollar market and is expected to continue to grow over the next few years. According to Global B2B E-Commerce Market 2018 report, B2B eCommerce sales are forecasted to be more than twice as high as global online retail sales by 2020. Today’s buyers prefer to research and […]

5 Biggest Challenges Wholesalers & Distributors Face Today

For over a century, the wholesale distribution industry has been an integral part of the economy and plays a big part in the general movement of goods, but recent market-wide changes have threatened to disrupt this, we will be discussing this further below. At Dropee, we interact with distributors and wholesalers of all sizes on […]

B2B Wholesale Marketplace: Conventional vs Digital Business Practice

The supply chain industry is commonly defined into two parts. First, the entities involved, namely, the manufacturers, distributors/ wholesalers, and retailers; secondly, the movement of a commodity either goods or services across the supply chain before reaching the end consumer. Note that these entities are self-contained and operate independently. They work together under specific agreements […]