Calculating Wholesale Price From Retail Price Made Easy

Generally an established fact, wholesale price is always lower than retail price. Knowing how to calculate wholesale price from retail price therefore, is an important part of understanding the reason behind the different pricing. Bear in mind that any discussion in terms of pricing are almost always subjective. It is also highly dependent on the […]

E-Commerce Marketplace: 5 Truths Behind What Customers Really Want

One of the biggest question any businesses would stumble across is the ever-popular, “What do customers really want?”. It is a tough question to answer. There is no one-for-all answer. However, studies might shed some lights to get you the right information in winning the hearts of your customers. When it comes to e-commerce marketplace, […]

Best Before Date vs Expiry Date: Know The Difference

Calling for a better food consumption habit, let’s find out what best before date and expiry date labeling on food packaging actually mean. It also helps to know how food products are categorized so you would understand how they are labelled. But why do you need to know this? Blessed with an all-year round tropical […]

5 Key Steps to Creating A Successful Online Promotion

Creating a successful online promotion is not at all rocket science. However, with the market is currently saturated with continuous online promotions from brands all around us, the question is how to set your brand apart and flying straight to the top with all these online promotion clutters? Online promotion is always a good news […]

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8 Out-of-The-Box Café Concepts For A Fresh Change

The F&B industry is currently bursting with waves of new coffee shops and so called “hipster”cafés mushrooming everywhere, especially around prime locations. Social media has led businesses to shift more focused towards providing consumer with not only quality products and services but also by providing lifestyle options. Hence, explaining why most of these trendy cafés […]