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8 Fundamental Steps to A Smooth Stocktaking Process

It is undeniable that stocktaking is a painfully tedious, strenuous, and lengthy process, but nevertheless, it is a crucial part of the business that has to be done. Not only keeping a well-organized inventory could improve your cash flow, regular stocktake can also lead to a more accurate profit margin projection, hence, allowing you to […]

Delight Your Customers by Thanking Them With These 5 Fun Ideas

Every business at the core is a customer service business. Hence, you should strive to continually show your gratitude to customers in fun and memorable ways. In this day and age where everything is automated and electronic, a personal touch and sincere appreciation goes a long way to show that you care for your customers. […]

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Want To Buy Wholesale Bread and Pastry Products? Look No Further

Culinary trends today are influencing product innovation in bread and similar products. Restaurateurs, cafe owners, hoteliers, food truck owners and those alike consider bread and bakery not solely as a complement to the dishes served in their businesses but a fundamental aspect of their innovative food offerings. With these said, demands for such products are […]

5 Easy Steps To Use Your Menu Design To Increase Profit

Malaysia is home for bountiful fine foods and known for being one of the top spots in Asia that tourists visit regularly just to enjoy the unique culinary dishes we have here. But one crucial part that we lack is good menu design that expresses the eatery’s personality, shows the best dishes available for the customers […]