Factors behind the slow adoption of B2B E-Commerce Technology

In the era of digital supremacy, adoption of innovative technologies is considered a necessity. Research have shown fast consumer adoption of technology, where else prior researches have shown slow progress in the adoption of e-business technology, an even slower progress in developing countries. Earlier studies on Information Systems (IS) by Tarofder, Marthandan and Mohan have […]

Why Interning at a Start-Up Proves Beneficial!

There has been many misconception in regards to interning in a start-up company. It’s true that start-ups can be challenging at times, but the experience you gain can be highly rewarding. Interning start-ups is definitely not for the faint of heart. So is choosing to intern in a start-up truly the best first step for […]

Year of the Dog Chinese New Year 2018

Top 5 Must Have Chinese New Year Products

Chinese New Year, otherwise known as the “Spring Festival” or “Lunar New Year”, is just around the corner! Chinese New Year normally arrives around springtime and is dated based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The exact date for the celebration changes yearly, but is generally celebrated either on January or February. Each Chinese New Year is […]