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Dropee Supplier: Ezy Pzy Enterpries

Ezy Pzy Enterprise was established back in November 2016 by Angeline Chong. Angeline worked in the baby product industry for several long years before branching out with her own business entity with one of her colleagues. Due to her love for babies, Angeline started this company with the mission of providing expecting mother a product […]

The Art Of Selling Wholesale Products To Retailers

Wholesalers and retailers are involved in the sale of products. You’re probably thinking: ’Doesn’t that make them the same thing?’ The answer is simple, it doesn’t. To understand this, you will need to look at the process of selling wholesale products to retailers; what exactly is involved and how can you ensure that the whole […]

The Guide To Sourcing Goods For Small Businesses

Sourcing goods is essential for every company, no matter how big or in this case small it is. The question is how they can do so and why they would do it. Before we can delve into this, it’s important to understand what exactly ‘sourcing goods’ means and how ‘small businesses’ are defined. Keep reading […]

The Latest Trends In The B2B Scene

As of late, B2B marketplace has gone to new interesting phases with the help of technology. Many people are now opting to buy online, making B2B one of the fastest growing industry. With that, there are a lot of B2B trends that needs to be discussed to keep up with the ever changing market. Here […]

8 Door Gifts Ideas Supplied By Dropee

Organizing events can be taxing. Down to the smallest details, every intricacies has to be precise. Determining the best gift for guest/attendees can be gruesome as it’s difficult to find something that pleases everyone. Below are some of the door gifts idea available through dropee. Candy Planning on a budget? Candy selling at retail prices can […]