12 Cleanliness Routines That All Restaurant Owners Should Know - Dropee

12 Cleanliness Routines That All Restaurant Owners Should Know - Dropee


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Your restaurant might have everything from serving deliciously well-crafted menu offerings to having an interesting interior decor, but nothing guarantees you recurring customers better than - cleanliness. Something that is so simple, yet often mislooked by most restaurant operators out there.Studies revealed that 75% of consumers will not visit a restaurant with negative reviews on cleanliness. Then, about another 70% of restaurant customers never make a return visit due to factors such as customer service, food quality, and of course, hygiene. Now that we established that cleanliness is key, let’s find out the 12 cleanliness routines that all restaurant owners should know. 

1. Clean The Washroom Every Hour

Sounds like a bit of a stretch? Well, just know that customers would remember restaurants with clean washrooms and will make it a point to remember those that aren’t. Apparently, a bad trip to the loo is one kind of experience that our memories tend to retain longer. Therefore, try to clean your washroom and toilet every hour. More so, when it is during the peak hours such as around lunch or dinner time. Pay attention to important “touch points” such as faucet handles, switches, door knobs, etc. A wet toilet is always a big no-no. Not only the fact that it is unhygienic, but it is also dangerous as it could be slippery. Keep your toilet dry at all times and avoid having a wet splotchy floor by using proper cleaning detergent. To make it easier for you, purchase new stock of multipurpose toilet and bathroom cleaner here.Additionally, try to restock the hand towels, tissues or toilet papers regularly as well.  

2. Practice Regular Hand Washing

Make it a habit or even better, a culture for all employees (not just the cooks and the kitchen crews) in your restaurant to wash hand regularly. To further stress on the importance of sanitizing hands at all times, you can put up a reminder poster in the kitchen for example.Do provide sufficient hand wash as well and place it on every sink available. Click below to buy quality anti bacterial hand wash at wholesale price for your restaurant.  

3. Clean the Refrigerator and Freezer Frequently

The refrigerator or the freezer is the main storage for core perishable raw ingredients and the state that it is in, is indeed a key determiner for the quality of food prepared later on. Therefore, we can’t stress enough how important it is to keep it clean. When cleaning, remove everything from the refrigerator/ freezer first and discard those items that are past expiration. Then, use damp cloths to wipe out the inner surface with multipurpose cleaner. Meanwhile, for the exterior part, wiping down with warm water is sufficient enough. Purchase quality multipurpose kitchen cleaning spray in bulk here.  

4. Remove Any Grease in Your Kitchen, Oven, Grill, and Fryer

After a day of continuous cooking, baking, grilling, and frying, one can’t help but have grease accumulating on these kitchen appliances. However, that is not an excuse to skip out on cleaning. Many may not know that grease build ups on your kitchen, oven, grill, and fryer can eventually become a fire hazard. So, what are the best ways to clean? First, clean the frying basket, filter, grill hangers, and metal racks separately by taking them out. Then, soak them for up to 24 hours in soapy water to get rid of any hardened grease and blackened carbon. Otherwise, you can always opt to use a stronger cleaning solution to remove those stubborn greases and oil. Purchase it easily below and save yourself the hassle.  

5. Don’t Forget the Cooker Hood

The cooker hood is another kitchen appliance that gets oily and greasy over time. However, cleaning it will need you to take extra care as it might get a bit tricky. While many suggested that steam cleaning it is the best method, simply doing so won’t cover every part of it. Keep in mind that you still need to clean the wire mesh underneath it and to do so, you need to soak it in warm soapy water. Then, when it comes to cleaning the extraction fans it depends on its type. If the extractor fans use paper filters to soak up grease and oil, best to clean the mesh and replace the filter. If you have extractor fans with removable mesh then you can simply use the same method of soaking it as mentioned earlier.  

6. Polish All Stainless Steel Surfaces

Shining and squeaky clean steel kitchen top and appliances are one indicator of your restaurant’s hygiene level to the eye of customers, especially if you have an open kitchen concept. The key to cleaning and polishing stainless steel surfaces is by using microfibre cloths. Also, if you have the budget for it, do spend more on getting high-quality cleaning products for better shine and finish. Simply put, it will last longer and looks better. Click below to purchase quality stainless steel cleaning spray at wholesale price.  

7. Wash the Waste Bins

Food waste would generally let out really strong odors and foul smells if you simply left your waste bins unattended. Therefore, always clean your waste bin regularly, both inside and out. Hose the bins down with water and make sure they do not collect water as it will attract unwanted pests. Better yet, try to keep those bins out of sight by placing them in a specific compartment or by securing them with fences usually behind your business premise.  

8. Clean the Kitchen Floor

The kitchen floor makes up a large portion of your restaurant’s area, hence, it is equally as important to keep it as clean as possible. This is why you have to mop your kitchen floor regularly as grease, oil, and other liquids tend to spill sometimes. Opt for quality floor cleaner so that it won’t be easily stained and would not leave any residue on the floor. Buy here and get great deals on quality floor cleaning products.  

9. Keep Storage and Stockroom Organized

By keeping your storage or stockroom neat and tidy, it will take you a long way beyond maintaining the cleanliness standard. It helps you to keep track with your inventory better as well and will allow you to quickly detect on any items that are expired and lets you order new supply in a more timely manner. On top of that, if you spot any worn out containers or with cracked lids and broken labelling, do not hesitate to throw them out and replace with new ones. 

10. Employee Uniforms

We bet you don’t expect this to be in the list. However, the fact is the first impression always gives a huge impact on what to expect and the same goes with your customers. Your employees are the living and walking representatives of your restaurant.Therefore, make sure to provide your employee with not only nice uniforms but also those that are practical and professional looking. It will give the impression that your restaurant cares to maintain a high standard in operation even if it might not necessarily fall under the high-end restaurant category.  

11. Fix Up A Regular Cleaning Schedule

When you are handling a business, it is always best to have everything regulated and scheduled. The same goes for cleaning. Hence, come up with a regular cleaning schedule be it daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning and assign the tasks accordingly.This way, it will be easier for you to keep track of what is clean and what is not. Besides, it will encourage all employees to observe and maintain the hygiene standard set for your restaurant. To save time on cleaning works, this multipurpose cleaning cream below would come in handy, as it eliminates the need to switch between products during the cleaning process. 

12. Observe the Food Hygiene Regulations

The Ministry of Health has underlined regulations and rules to be strictly followed by food and restaurant operators or otherwise, your business license can get suspended, and your restaurant will be closed down. Simply put, it is best then to check on these regulations from time to time and make sure your restaurant checked off the requirements. Read full pdf here. 

Time for A Quick Spot Check!

Hygiene will no longer be the bane of any restaurants ever if you follow these 12 cleaning routines regularly. Assess your restaurant’s hygiene level and start putting these into action and experience having more regular customers coming in from positive referrals or word of mouth. Dropee is a B2B marketplace for you to source products in bulk at wholesale prices. Click below to visit us.Did you enjoy our article? We have more! Check out our blog for more useful tips, guides, and business-related articles.  

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