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5 Key Steps to Creating A Successful Online Promotion

Creating a successful online promotion is not at all rocket science. However, with the market is currently saturated with continuous online promotions from brands all around us, the question is how to set your brand apart and flying straight to the top with all these online promotion clutters? Online promotion is always a good news […]

cafe malaysia

8 Out-of-The-Box Café Concepts For A Fresh Change

The F&B industry is currently bursting with waves of new coffee shops and so called “hipster”cafés mushrooming everywhere, especially around prime locations. Social media has led businesses to shift more focused towards providing consumer with not only quality products and services but also by providing lifestyle options. Hence, explaining why most of these trendy cafés […]

8 Ways to Use Discounts and Promo Codes To Drive More Sales

Now with the advancement in e-commerce technology, it’s easier to incorporate discounts and promo codes into your customers’ purchasing experience. If you haven’t been able to introduce it to your customers, here we highlight 8 effective ways for you to start today. Why does it work? Before we start with how to do it, lets […]

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8 Fundamental Steps to A Smooth Stocktaking Process

It is undeniable that stocktaking is a painfully tedious, strenuous, and lengthy process, but nevertheless, it is a crucial part of the business that has to be done. Not only keeping a well-organized inventory could improve your cash flow, regular stocktake can also lead to a more accurate profit margin projection, hence, allowing you to […]