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Benefits of Opening a Ghost Restaurant

Firstly what are ghost restaurants? Ghost restaurants are an online-only or delivery-only restaurant that serves customers exclusively through online food delivery only to your doorstep. Now that we have acknowledged that, what are the benefits of opening a ghost restaurant? If you want to know more about how opening a ghost restaurant is beneficial, keep […]

Stressed Out? Try Baking, Experts Suggest – Dropee

|5-minute read| Baking is apparently much more than it seems. Breaking barriers from the kitchen table to clinical therapy, baking has a host of psychological benefits according to studies. Experts revealed that baking is the new coping mechanism to stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental related issues. So, how does making sweet treats such as […]

12 Cleanliness Routines That All Restaurant Owners Should Know – Dropee

|8-minute read| Your restaurant might have everything from serving deliciously well-crafted menu offerings to having an interesting interior decor, but nothing guarantees you recurring customers better than – cleanliness. Something that is so simple, yet often mislooked by most restaurant operators out there. Studies revealed that 75% of consumers will not visit a restaurant with […]